The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ) is a statutory agency under the Ministry of Education with a secretariat as its operational arm, formed by an Act of Parliament, passed in December 2001. The twin objectives of the organization are to supervise and coordinate the work of Community Colleges in Jamaica. The organization is governed by a Council (Board of Directors) which comprises representatives of the colleges, other sectors of the tertiary and secondary education system, as well as business and industry.

Currently there are five (5) Community and three (3) Multidisciplinary Colleges with nineteen (19) satellites/campuses island wide which fall under the supervision of the CCCJ, namely; Bethlehem Moravian College, Brown's Town Community College, College of Agriculture, Science and Education, Excelsior Community College, Knox Community College, Montego Bay Community College, Moneague College and Portmore Community College.